Welcome to Cave Paper

Our Mailing Address:
Cave Paper Inc.
P. O. Box 18568
Minneapolis, MN 55418

The Steering Committee (from left to right):
Amanda Degener, Keara McDermitt, Maria Olivia Davalos Stanton, James Kleiner, and Hans Koch, has been meeting once a week since November 2017 giving their time to help form the Cave Co-op. These individuals, plus you wonderful contributers have been the force behind Cave Paper's fundraising efforts. Here is a link if you want to see how we spent our money.

We were surprised to discover that Indiegogo keeps all campaigns on their website open to donations after the published date of their conclusion. This means if you meant to donate and forgot you can still do so. There are still lots of costs related to the conversion from an S Corp to a worker owned co-op.

What is Cave Paper?

Cave Paper is a production handmade paper studio operating since 1994. We have been dedicated to making decorated and unusual sheets of high quality paper for use by artists, bookbinders and all types of designers.

There is a rough elegance to the papers that is easier to experience through the senses than with words. It is a combination of the people who make it and the raw materials. We are most known for our strong natural dyed flax papers but we make cotton and abaca papers. The natural dyes are applied over the surface of a handmade sheet sometimes taking four coats and many days. Black Walnut, Indigo, Persimmon, and Red Iron Oxide are used individually and in combination with each other; they evoke a sensuousness and connectedness with the earth.

What is Cave Paper Co-op?

The mission of Cave Cooperative is to provide
members with the facilities and equipment necessary
for the production handmade paper, for individual
projects and to produce Cave Paper for the general
public. Facilities may also be used to grow the local
visual arts community.

Our services to the community include but are not limited to;
our ongoing internship program, worker/owner
and investment memberships, and assistance
on both commercial and artistic projects of your
own design.

Part of the cooperative process is to dissolve the Steering Committee and replace it with a Board of Directors. The coop model is different than 501(c)3 or not-for-profit organization. We are currently seeking Twin Cities based people with cooperative experience to become members of Cave Paper Co-op Board of Directors.

Cave Paper is interested in providing pathways for historically underrepresented individuals. Historically underrepresented groups may include, but are not limited to: first generation college students, individuals in a low-income/socio economic status, those who identify as LGBTQ+, people of color, veterans, and individuals with disabilities. We comply with the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008.

Contact Amanda Degener at cavepaper@gmail.com or call her at 612-998-8075 if you are interested in being nominated.

Follow this link to see the powerpoint Amanda gave about Cooperative Values at Friends of Dard Hunter meeting in
Atlanta, GA.